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The Spirit of Snowdown

Gather ‘round the fire, dear friends; settle in for a treat
There’s so much to tell; grab a chair, take a seat.

We hope you’re all cozy; our friends are here too
Look now, there’s Gnar, all bristly and blue
It’s snowing! He’s growing! Watch out for the ice!
It’s Snowdown, little yordle: be cool, play nice!
Always practice kindness, big fella, you don’t need a reason
Look! Even these guys are embracing the season!

It’s a magical time, so don’t be a brat
We’re in this together yordle, human, and...what’s that?

Oh, it’s Bard, bundled up, doesn’t he look so snug?
What’s this, you bring gifts, like warm cocoa in a mug?
How thoughtful, how sweet - are those your little friends?
But is any of this real, or are we just playing pretend?
We must leave you now, Bard. Anything more to say?
[Bard warbles incoherently]
Same to you, dear wanderer! Have a happy snow day!

Who’s that there? So lovely, quite dashing
Ah it’s Syndra in splendid garb, not a bit of it clashing
A mighty sorceress indeed: your power is stunning
Look at them go, hah! There’s no use running

Her cold is too bold
It’s broken the mold
There’s no hope for you when her ice’s taken hold
But, it’s Snowdown, sweet Syndra: take a break from this violence
Let us savor this season of peace, love, and silence

But Ziggs still loves Snowdown, and he’s brought friends along.
Hey! Please stop that now! You’re doing it wrong!
Tis the season for peace, not for war
That’s not what all of these snowballs are for!

Stop fighting
Stop thrashing
Stop bickering and bashing
You’ll ruin everything with your constant harassing!
Snowdown is ruined; it’s over, it’s done.

Then again, all this mayhem does look rather fun.
Perhaps the true spirit of Snowdown is this,
It’s bedlam and brawling, flinging magic and fists.
So build up an ice fort! Let those snowballs take flight!
Snowdown is here! Grab a friend, join the fight!

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Champion Spotlight: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Welcome to the Poppy Champion Spotlight.

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Illaoi Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the Illaoi Champion Spotlight.

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Kindred Champion Spotlight

Kindred coming in 5.20!

Welcome to the Kindred Champion Spotlight.

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Journey back to a golden age: http://riot.com/Arcade

Battle Boss Blitzcrank: Welcome to Arcade, puny humans.

Arcade Riven: Don’t call them puny, you rust bucket!

Arcade Hecarim: Yeah, Blitzcrank! What are you anyways? Leftover parts from action figures someone couldn’t sell at a garage sale?

Battle Boss Blitzcrank: Rainbow Pony, I see science finally discovered how to splice a pinball table and a horse together.

Arcade Sona: ….

Arcade Miss Fortune: I have laser guns! Pew pew pew.

Final Boss Veigar: Your lasers have no power over me! I am all-powerful!

Arcade Miss Fortune: Pew pew pew!

Final Boss Veigar: Stop that!

Arcade Sona: ….

Live / Play

Live / Play is a documentary that tells the stories of five different players from around the world, woven together by one unifying passion: League of Legends.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mariana transforms into Mafia Jinx during one of the country’s biggest cosplay competition, while over 10,000 kilometers away, Eyjo battles across Summoner’s Rift on a boat drifting off the coast of Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

In Cairo, Egypt, Amin connects with other cultures through League just as Braeden, a pro League player known as PorpoisePops, hones his skills, practicing up to 12 hours a day, in Los Angeles, USA. Across the globe, robotics hobbyist Yong-Seung displays his latest creation, a massive remote controlled Baron Nashor, at Maker’s Faire in Seoul, South Korea.

Closed captioning is under English (United States)

Tahm Kench Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the Tahm Kench Champion Spotlight.

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