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    Here is a small collection of red posts from our eCommerce Director.
    Continue reading for two brief posts from Hippalus, one concerning an upcoming name change sale and the other breaking the new of no Black Friday sale this year.

    Inactive Name Purge and Name Change Sale on the way.
    Here is Hippalusdropping off a heads up about the upcoming inactive name purge and half off sale for Summoner name changes.

    "The Summoner Name Change cleanup and sale will be announced next week and will be live in mid December. We were hoping to get it done this week, but there are a lot of names, and some added complexity compared to last year.​
    All accounts which are level 5 or below and have not played a game in 2012 will lose their summoner name, and all Summoner Name Changes will be available for purchase in the store at 50% off. I'd like to do more of these cleanups in 2013 with different criteria, so if you have an opinion on why more (or fewer) accounts should lose their name next time, feel free to post it here.​
    The old accounts can be reactivated in the future, but they will have to pick a new name."​

    No Black Friday Sale This Year
    For those who have been asking, here is Hippalus confirming there will be no Black Friday sale this year.Instead, there will be a large sale planned for January of next year.
    "As I scan through the forums, I'm seeing a lot of interest in a Black Friday sale. Unfortunately nothing special is planned for that day and there is no time to put something together by Friday. We've been busy working on other things for Snowdown Showdown and Season 3.​
    We'll make up for it by planning a big sale event in January."​
    For those who may not have been around, last year had a Black Friday sale of sorts, featuring the first batch of retired legacy skins at 75% off.

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