Crash Report #1575169

Тема в разделе "Архив", создана пользователем StClau, 22 сен 2011.

  1. StClau

    StClau Новичок

    не нашел на форуме эту теме вот и создал.
    As of the Skarner update, this crash seems to be caused by an overheating video card, or one with out-of-date drivers. Please try updating your graphics drivers and/or turning down your graphical settings, or making use of the framerate limiting options in the Video menu. == English =========
    Sorry for the Crash!

    The program LoLReplay may be causing some of these crashes. If you use LoLReplay, please try disabling it and see if your crash still occurs.

    Otherwise, in order to fix this crash, please do the following:
    Reboot your computer
    Run Repair -- in the LoL Launcher, click the Gears icon in the top-right of the window, next to the minimize / maximize buttons
    Let the Repair finish, it may take a long time
    Once it's finished, please try playing a few Custom games by yourself to make sure it's fixed. If you saw any particular character as a blue box in the load screen before you crashed, or their name was [Unlocalized], try to play as them if possible.

    If this does not resolve your issues, please try uninstalling the game, deleting the whole game folder, and then reinstalling the game.
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