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  1. OMGorWTF

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    где то 6 постов на эту тему, ответов не нашел. как решается?
  2. rulon

    rulon Коренной житель

    For the Assert Error:

    - If you're on Windows XP, ensure you're logged into an Administrative Account
    - If you're on Windows Vista/Seven, right click your League of Legends and select 'Run as Admin' (Note: You must be logged into an Administrative Account to do this)
    - Try copying your League of Legends folder to C:\Program Files or C:\. Try in both locations

    For the Unavailable issue:

    (Note: These need to be done in Internet Explorer, as this is the browser that LoL relies on)
    - Download Internet Explorer 8 if you don't already have it
    - Make sure IE8 isn't set to Work Offline. If it is, uncheck this.
    - Within Internet Explorer 8, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings
    - Make sure everything is unchecked, apart from possibly "Automatically Detect Settings"
    - Failing this, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced --> Reset/Restore Defaults
    - Failing this, try reinstalling IE8.