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Тема в разделе "Разные новости", создана пользователем Apocalypse, 26 фев 2011.

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  1. Apocalypse

    Apocalypse Фаворит форума

    Ненадолго отвлечемся от проблем и возрадуеммся! ЛОЛ-База оживает!
    What is Happening?

    First of all, we would like to thank all users of this website. Thanks for your support and uploads, because of you this website is still running.

    We really appreciate that you all keep uploading and using our website even when no updates have been made since, like forever. Of course, we are sorry for not updating the website, but sometimes real life stuff takes all your time. We work both as software developers and now and then you run into a long development process which requires a lot of the developers. I believe, we are done with this process and can now look forward to update this website.

    In the following, I will put up what you can expect to see in the near future. In addition, I will answer some questions which we receive a lot of.
    Coming Updates

    We have been and are still working on a new design to this website. The design is almost done, and we need to move data and generate meta data. However, moving data is a long and time-consuming process, and it was not easier when Riot released, not long ago, their new patch which made changes in the log file as well. In addition to the new design, we try to improve the overall performance on the website as much as possible by changing the structure. We will not release the new website, before we think it works as intended. Therefore, it will not something you will see within few days, but in the near future.
    Questions & Answers

    We receive emails from users on a daily basis, and we are sorry for not answering them all. We simply do not have the ressources to answer all the incoming emails. However, we would like to thank all who have sent us an email whether it was about a question, offering us your help or some new ideas for the website. We do read them all and keep them for later use. In the following, I will answer some of the common subjects in the emails.
    Is your dead?

    No, definitely no! We are working on a new site behind the scenes. Expect to see it in the near future.
    Why don't you get extra developers to help with the website?

    It requires a lot of time and ressources to outsource, because new developers need to understand our framework and coding style. We will also need to ensure, no malicious codes are added, and our goals are completed satisfactorily. Not to mention intergrations of different solutions. In other word, we are thankful to those who offered us help, but at the moment we simply do not have the ressources to manage the outsourcing.
    Access to the Data

    Many users asked about getting access to the parsed data. With the new website, we add a user system which gives you some new features. A powerful API is one of such feature, so you can get access to your own data.

    more to come...


    Это сообщение от разработчиков опубликовано на главной странице, куда никто никогда не заходит ^_^

    Итак, что же там говорится?
    1.Лолбэйз не умер, просто разработчики были заняты разработкой другого проекта(они программисты)
    2.Спасибо всем за терпение и использование ресурса.
    3.Идут грандиозные обновления! Переход на новый движок, усовершенствованная база данных и даже больше! :opasnoste:

    Так что наш любимый лолбэйз возрождается из пепла ^_^
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  2. varti

    varti Опытный Пользователь

    Я думаю. и даже очень на это надеюсь. Что в дальнейшем лолбейс станет абсалютно ненужным. если\когда сами разрабы сделают нечто подобное.удобное а главное не требующее участия игрока (ну пообоновлению базы)
  3. darkatheist

    darkatheist Опытный Пользователь

    китайский лолбейз
  4. DeNNero

    DeNNero Коренной житель

    Я уже давно жду это обновление. Та стастистика, что есть сейчас - никудышная.
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