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  1. Summoners!

    We here at Riot Games are pleased to announce that we have emerged victorious as the Choice Online Audience Award winner. And so, to thank you all for your support, we just wanted to officially announce, that beginning October 9th until Sunday, October 10 at Midnight Pacific Time, all champions will be free-to-play. Additionally, over the course of the next few days, all summoners will be receiving a 4 Win IP boost. All boosts should be distributed by Wednesday the 13th, so if you haven't received yours, yet, don't panic! They're on their way.

    But the fight's not over yet! We're still nominated for Online Game of the Year in the Golden Joystick Awards, and we want to keep celebrating. If you'd like to pick up another free champion weekend, along with another boost, you can head over to the Golden Joystick Awards website and select League of Legends as your vote for Online Game of the Year. Here's how to vote:

    Point your browser to the Golden Joystick Awards website.
    Click on 'vote now' on the top nav of the page.
    Select 'Online Game of the Year' from the vote page.
    Select League of Legends. It should be the middle title located in the fourth row.
    Fill in the required information at the bottom of the page under 'Your Details'.
    Click the 'submit' button.

    If you'd love to have another free champion weekend, and want to pick up yet another boost, now's the time to show your support for League of Legends. Voting closes on October 25th, so head on over to the Golden Joystick Awards page today!

    PS. Для тех кому лень читать и переводить это означает что на выходных будут бесплатными все герои и IP Boost на 4 победы

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