Realm of the Titans

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    closed beta
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    Q: Are the heroes in the game just straight copies from DoTA?
    A: No way! Realm of the Titans features unique heroes with new skills and abilities.
    Q: Can you pick your Hero or do you only get one?
    A: Before each game starts you pick one hero from a list to use for the game. You can change what hero you play every game.
    Q: Is there a replay system?
    A: Yes, there is a replay system. The replays save automatically to your computer after you finish a game. You can go back and review you and your friend's past games to help build your skills and figure out new strategies.
    Q: Will there be Denying in the game?
    A: Yes, there is Denying in Realm of the Titans. For those that don't know what Denying is, it is when you kill your own unit when they are low health to prevent your opponent from killing them for the experience and gold.
    Q: Is there a profile outside of the actual game?
    A: Yes, there is a persistent profile that keeps tracks of all your wins/losses and a lot of other stats! this profile levels up as you play games and unlocks new features for you to use. You can easily compare yourself to your friends.
    Q: Does the game have matchmaking?
    A: Yes, Realm of the Titans has a matchmaking system that will automatically find you a game against people of similar skill. You also have the option to create a room and invite your friends or let other people join.
    Q: What happens if a player quits/disconnects?
    A: If a player leaves the game, their hero will be controlled by an AI character. The AI in the game is solid, so no worries that it will do terribly. Also there is a reconnect feature that disconnected players can use to rejoin their games in progress. Players are only allowed to be in one game at a time. This means that if you leave a game, you won't be able to start a new one until that one is finished.
    Q: How many heroes will be available in CBT?
    A: Still working on this information. There will be an official announcement at a later date.
    Q: Will new heroes be released in the future?
    A: We will be releasing new heroes often!
    Q: Can people help on making new characters like sending new ideas ans such, just like dota?
    A: I can look into having a hero suggestion forum setup and people can post their ideas there. If any of them really stands out we can look at it see if it is possible to get it into the game. I'd love to hear people's ideas for new heroes.
    Q: What is this map control point system I keep hearing about?
    A: There are no barracks or inhibitors like you would find in DoTA or LoL. Instead there are control points that are in every lane outside each team's base. These control points can be captured by destroying them. They spawn an extra wave of minions in that lane and the minions attack the base of the team that doesn't control the point. These control points make for a dynamic back and forth and a lot of battles center around them.
    Q: Is there in-game voice chat?
    A: There is no in-game voice chat and we do not have plans currently to add this feature.
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    Made in China - этим все сказано.
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