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    Кандидат: Маокаи (Maokai)
    Дата: 14 Февраля



    Candidate: Maokai
    Date: 14 February, 21 CLE


    A frenzy erupts on the Twisted Treeline. Saplings scurry in every direction, detonating in multicolored explosions of arcane energy. League Champions and summoners alike rush onto the field to contain an uprooted tree that is not only moving, but also attacking everything in sight. The tree is visibly confused over his violent birth into awareness, and he involuntarily conjures an arcane storm of magic. The storm grows as it absorbs energy from the magical and physical attacks being directed at the verdant force, until suddenly the torrent explodes with enough power to kill everyone present.

    A bright orange light falls over the scene as Kayle appears, shielding the group from death. As the dust clears, the tree is contained in an earthen dome by League representatives, and immediately whisked away to the Institute of War for further examination.


    The room Maokai found himself in was cavernous, with a reflecting pool stretching across the entire expanse of the floor. A human adorned in flowing purple robes stood in the middle of the room, reflections of light from the pool dancing across her.

    “An honor to make your acquaintance.” The woman bowed deeply, admiration glowing in her eyes as she beheld the treant. “I shall be administering your judgment for entry into the League.”

    Maokai exploded into a rage. "Judgment? You humans woke me, and created this abomination of life, and now you stand and judge me?"

    The summoner did not respond. She raised her arms and muttered an incantation under her breath. The floor swam beneath him, and suddenly the room dissolved away.

    His roots tingled with familiarity as he found himself standing in a large expanse of trees. The forest around him stood tall, with strong trunks and leaves of every color - this was his home as it had existed eons ago. He ached for what was long passed.

    Suddenly, the surrounding terrain exploded. The ground surrounding Maokai sunk and bubbled in grotesque ways. Vegetation as far as the eye could see began to melt with a sickening hissing sound. Humans were running panicked through the forest under a rain of bullets and chemicals. A boy fell to the ground, struck by a stray bullet. The summoner and Maokai were invisible to the chaos erupting around them, but somehow the boy looked straight at them, the life in his bright eyes quickly fading.

    The ground below Maokai changed again, accelerating until it became a blur. Maokai stood, trembling, as the scenery assaulted all his newfound senses. The acrid odor of trees melting in a pool of acid. A beautiful island the color of the sky splitting asunder into three. A beautiful, ancient city of white quartz twisting into itself in impossible ways, defying the laws of time and space.

    Maokai closed his eyes, weary. The League must have assumed they were showing him something new, but it was nothing he hadn’t already known. He had stood for centuries, absorbing the pain and sorrow from the abuses wrought upon the land and the life in its soil.

    The summoner spoke quietly, holding the scene that flashed before them in reverence. “We do not ask for any of this, yet it is brought upon us by those who would do evil. By joining the League, you can help us prevent these things from happening.”

    Maokai’s disgust had not subsided. “You humans are the ones who are causing this. You ask me to feel for you when all I see is the hatred you bring onto yourselves. When you see your children being overrun with weapons, I see the fallen trees carved into your instruments of destruction. I see the land which has existed before you and which will continue to exist after you suffer for your petty squabbles.”

    “Knowing all this, would you still choose to go back?" She asked.

    The treant hesitated, surprising himself.

    “Or will you continue to stand, impassively, believing that you can affect none of this?”

    Her accusatory tone snapped him from his momentary hesitation. "Your wars are no concern of mine. You deign to awaken me to the pain you humans suffer, but before you gave me this curse I already knew your pain and suffering. When the earth absorbs the blood of your children, it cries. I have withstood this longer than you can even imagine. We of the earth do not feel, and thus I am not of the conviction to change how you humans live or die."

    The summoner's eyes darkened. It was not the response the League wanted, but it was the only one they were going to get. “Then what will you do?”

    “I will walk this path until you can turn me back, as promised.” He paused, and one could swear that something akin to a smile twisted the tree’s mouth. “Until then, I will punish you magic users with these hands you were kind enough to bestow upon me.”

    Composing herself, the summoner expelled the illusion with a sweep of her hands. "Very well. That is your answer." She turned on her heel and walked away without another word.

    Maokai watched her go, impassively. He noticed the young boy's blood from the illusion lingering in a puddle on the floor, though the body had been whisked away. The treant started to walk past it, but suddenly stopped and turned.

    With slow, deliberate movements, he yanked off a chunk of his roots and laid them gingerly in the pool of blood. The roots began to absorb the blood, slowly at first, and then desperately, as if the blood could not be held back. The roots jumbled together into a mess of knots, and then a sapling emerged. It looked up at him with innocent eyes.

    Another chance at life. Something inside the ancient tree moved, though what it was he had no idea.

    He knew that someday he would return to stillness, but things would never be the same.

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