[Объявление] Удвоение IP и XP в связи с победой LoL в двух номинациях

Тема в разделе "Другие официальные новости", создана пользователем Sp1ker, 18 фев 2010.

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  1. Sp1ker

    Sp1ker Коренной житель

    В связи с победой в номинациях "Best MMORTS 2009" и "Best New MMO" Риоты удвоили прирост IP с 19 по 21 февраля включительно! (по тихоокеанскому времени)

    (Перевод литературно не осилил :) )

    Salutations, summoners!

    Once again, the League of Legends community has shown their incredible ability to rise to the occasion. Despite being behind in the election not so long ago, we're now leading the MMOSite contest in the running for Best MMORTS of 2009 and Best New MMO of 2009. Maybe it's the spirit of the Winter Games, or maybe it's the fact that you've catapulted us to the front of another two Game of the Year polls, but we really feel like celebrating, and we hope that you do, too. That being said, without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that this coming weekend, from Friday the 19th through the end of Sunday the 21st, Riot Games will be awarding double Influence Points for all games played. Oh, and if you have an active IP boost or are planning on purchasing one, not to worry. You'll still earn bonus IP from both your boost and the double IP weekend. You've all earned it, and we hope that you will celebrate with us this weekend by spending a lot of time out there on the Field of Justice.

    That being said, while you're waiting for that next queue to pop, please don't forget to take a moment to show your continued support for League of Legends. President Abraham Lincoln once said: “The ballot is stronger than the bullet,” which is no small proclamation despite the fact that he never had to spend a game staring down the barrel of a solo-mid Tristana. There's still time to cast those important votes, so let's make that we stay ahead. Keep up the voting!
  2. CDoroFF

    CDoroFF Опытный Пользователь

    Уууу крутота. Мегагига. Из-за лени за игры не плачу, а такой прирост, когда я на больничном пригодится, как раз ip на рунки 3 тира не хватает.
  3. О да детка !!!!!!!
    как раз обновлю )
    руны )
  4. Риот молодцы, устроли настоящии празник) почаще бы такого)
  5. ага ) 400% ип с бустом - очень приятно )
    с суточным бонусом получается 780ип )
    обычные победы по 400-420
  6. SlipKnoTik

    SlipKnoTik Design Team

    Сегодня за "первую победу за день" купил 3 руны xDD За день собрал фул страницу рун, куды теперь IP девать :) Даёшь скины за игровые деньги =)
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